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Currant Affairs

Plucked from a crate on the back of a Ribena truck by a greedy magpie, our blackcurrant hero is taken on a crazy, over-the-top ride. He gets sucked through a jet engine, freefalls through a hot air balloon's burners, gets shot at by a clay pigeon shooter, and plummets through the branches of a particularly spiky tree. This is the third commercial produced for Ribena, and it's a bit of a departure as it's almost entirely CG, unlike the previous two which were predominantly live action with CG elements. I modelled and textured the truck, and worked on lighting, rendering and compositing of the rest of the ad.
  • Date July 2006
  • Format 30" TV/cinema commercial
  • Client Ribena
  • Agency M&C Saatchi
  • Studio Tandem
  • Director Mark Waring