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A 'music and motorsport extravaganza', F1 Rocks is a series of rock concerts coinciding with Formula 1 Grand Prix race weekends in cities across the world. The inaugural show was held in Singapore on the 24th-26th September, and this is the 30 second opening titles for the televised event, to be shown in over 40 countries. Production was a combination of 2D and 3D, with creation of the 3D scenes including camera animation created by myself in Maya, then exported to After Effects where additional imagery and particle simulations could be added to the scene. I modelled a number of 3D elements, including the F1 car, for which I then developed rendering and post-production techniques to produce the final, abstract look.
  • Date September 2009
  • Format 30" TV title sequence
  • Client All The Worlds/Universal
  • Studio Foreign Office
  • Director Fredrik Nordbeck