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Coco Pops


This 30 second CG/stop-motion TV and cinema spot was something of a departure from conventional cereal adverts. Coco Pops mascot Coco the Monkey is relegated to a cameo role on the side of the cereal box; this time the real stars are the Coco Pops themselves.

The CG elements needed to match the look of the stop-frame animation, which provided some interesting challenges: in one shot I had to recreate a desk fan in CG, as the stop motion animators had forgotten to turn the fan blades. My main task was to develop a procedural generator to create the Coco Pops models and shaders and animate using particles to resemble the distinctive stop-frame motion. Also I focussed on lighting and compositing the CG to match the gorgeous lighing, shallow DoF and bokeh of the plates. This job was shot on film, with some fairly exotic lenses, this was before the days of HDR, linear workflow and floating point EXRs.

  • Date March 2007
  • Format 30" TV commercial
  • Client Kellogg's
  • Agency Leo Burnett
  • Studio Tandem
  • Director Tony Mines