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Hygge — The Danish Way

A seemingly simple pack replacement job... However, the agency could not provide anything beyond the plates. No on-set data, camera or lens metadata, shooting notes, nada. I had to recreate the scene from the ground up, based on internet research: how tall is Mads Mikkelsen; what's the designer chair he's sat on? To complicate matters the replacement bottle was a different shape so quite a lot of cleanup was required on the backgrounds.

For lighting I built a recreation of the room, including the furniture. I modelled a replacement bottle as well as a the original bottle which was used for object tracking. I used a previs character rig to roto-anim the movement of Mads. Tracking proved tricky as the object track had to be rock-solid, with the bottle not only locked to his hands but also his lips as he drinks.

With the luxury of a generous schedule I was able to include several subtle little touches such as the flickering fire refracted through the bottle, Mads' finger refracted as he picks up the bottle, and the swilling of beer inside the bottle including bubbles when opened.

  • Date November 2018
  • Format 30" TV commercial
  • Client Carlsberg
  • Agency Fold7
  • Studio UNIT